This past weekend I looked through all my old school stuff, not knowing what I would find.  I found this story I wrote when I was eight. I was in my second year of second grade. As you can see this is not a well written or even good story. I do think it has potential. I do want to continue with it, but don’t have any ideas as to how I can continue it. I know I need to give the other characters names, and a lot of things need to be better developed. This may turn into a series called story time Monday, where every Monday I post the changes that I have made, and all additions that I have been added.

Once upon a time there was a haunted house and 10 doors and 10 steps in the first door there was a werewolf. In the second door, there was a mummy. In the third door, Dracula popped out. In the fourth door, bats flew out. In the fifth door, there were ghosts that popped out and said “BOO.” In the sixth door, there was an alien with six eyes. In the seventh door, there was a goblin. In the eighth door, there was a witch and she popped out. In the ninth door, there was a skeleton. In the tenth door, a friendly zombie popped out.