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Today’s discussion is about how I’ve stopped using star ratings on Goodreads. At some point last year, towards the end when I was reviewing books, I didn’t give them star ratings, and this was 100% unintentional at first. I could say that I kinda got lazy and didn’t want to think about how many stars I was going to rate a book. After not giving star ratings a few times, it’s just something that stuck. Along the way, I realized that I don’t need to give books star ratings when I review them, my review should speak for itself and convey how I feel about a book without attaching a star rating to it. I also came to the realization that a review says more a book than a star rating. The only time I give star ratings is on Barnes and Noble, and NetGalley, because you can’t leave a review about the book without giving a star rating. Will I give star ratings again on Goodreads? I don’t know.