Today I am going to tell you how I track my reading.  I know a lot of people track their reading using a bullet journal, and that it works really well for them but bullet journals aren’t for me.  I do use a journal to track my reading, and it’s a journal that I’ve had since elementary school, I actually did a post about it a while back which you can find here.  While the set up is basically the same, my writing in my journal has gotten less messy.  I also started keeping track of how long I read each time I read, I use the Bookly app to do this.  My reading journal isn’t the only way that I keep track of my reading, I also use excel spreadsheets.  I use excel spreadsheets to keep track of how many books I read each month, where I get my books from, the number of pages I read each week, the number of pages I read each month, and the format that I read.  The way that I track how I read is the way that works best for me, and it helps me keep track of my goals.




My journal

One of the things that I love to do to keep track of my reading, is keeping a reading journal.  While I do use Goodreads, I don’t always update my progress.  For me, the reading journal holds me accountable for what I read, and when I read it.  I think of it as a supplement to Goodreads.  The reading journal that I have, was a gift from my reading tutor when I was in elementary school.   While I have had it for a long time, I didn’t start really using it as a reading journal until May 23, 2015.  When I started using it for my reading journal, it was messy and not very organized, it wasn’t systemized yet.  It didn’t take long for me to find a functional system.  I really love seeing how many pages I read in a day.  Below you will find how I set up my journal, the page I used is from the Summer Biannual Bibliothon: