Thoughts on the NBA Finals trophy presentation

Sunday night, as I was watching the trophy presentations, more specifically the Finals MVP trophy presentation, something bothered me. The NBA Finals MVP Trophy is named after Bill Russell, who was on stage for the presentation. The thing that bothered me, was not that he was on stage, but because he was not acknowledged by anyone. In my opinion, it was extremely disrespectful that Bill Russell wasn’t acknowledged. This is a man who was the first African-American head coach in the NBA, and won 11 NBA titles, something that might never be done again. Bill Russell should have gotten more respect than he did, and he should have been acknowledged. After all, there is a reason why it is his name on the trophy, and not the name of another player. 

If Miami Wins…

If by chance Miami wins the championship, will the criticism of Lebron James stop or will it continue?  In my honesty opinion, it is too difficult to tell.  I feel that no matter the circumstances people will still be critical of him.  People will always be critical of his attitude, which sometimes comes across as arrogant and immature.  Some will be critical because they feel that he receives preferential treatment from the higher ups in the league, mainly Commissioner Stern and the referees, people are critical of that too, it is not fair.  There is always the important question, when it matters most, will Lebron James ever be the clutch player?  Yes, he has made clutch shots at the end of games, but making clutch shots does not always warrant the title of a clutch player, it is the clutch plays throughout the whole game that makes someone a clutch player.  The criticism will always be there whether he wins or loses, he can not and will not ever escape it.