#T5W Book Theme Songs


1.) “The Entertainer”- Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet by H.P. Wood

The cover reminds me of a circus and whenever I hear “The Entertainer” I think of a circus.


2.) Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child- Zodiac by Romina Russell

I always felt that the main character Rho was independent.


3.) “Paris Holds the Key to your Heart” from the Anastasia Soundtrack- A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

“Paris hold the key to her past.
Yes, Princess, I’ve found you at last.
No more pretend,
You’ll be gone,
That’s the end.”- This part of the song reminds me of when Sara and her father are reunited.


4.) “Flawless” by Beyonce- The Heir by Keira Cass

I don’t know why, but I just feel like these two go very well together.


5.) “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”- The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

A book about baseball and one of the most baseball songs ever are a match made in heaven.


Cover images are from Goodreads.


I am obsessed with making playlists in my iTunes and Spotify libraries. It’s how I keep my music organized, and how I decide what I want to listen to. I get bored of music pretty easily, so I’m always rotating what playlists I put on my iPod.  I also have playlists for certain artists. I have a playlist that is just for Beyoncé, organized by album release date. I also organize my iTunes library by date added, meaning the most recently added songs are always at the top of my library, and yes my playlists are organized the same way. And if I wanted to fit my entire library on my iPod, I would need a bigger one, my entire library is over 32 gigs and I have at least 30 playlists. I also don’t have all my music in my iTunes library either, a lot of music is on CDs from what seems like forever ago. And no, I won’t give up making playlists.