Almost all great stories have villains. With Cinderella, it was the step mother and step sisters. The Little Mermaid had Ursula, The Lion King had Scar and the hyenas, and Sleeping Beauty had Maleficent. I could go on with Disney Villains, however there are many.  The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter had more than one villain. While villains aren’t good, they definitely add more to the movies and stories in many different ways. Movies and stories would be boring without the villains.

Harry Potter

My favorite book to movie adaptation is Harry Potter. I have seen others, however out of the ones that I have seen, Harry Potter was done the best. I feel like the movies stuck extremely close to the books, while some things had to be changed or taken out, it was extremely easy to relate things from the movies back to the books.  The book series is one of my favorite book series and the movies are one of my favorite movie series.  I always make it a point to re-read the books and watch the movies every year, and I always pick up on new things that I may have missed the other times that I read the books and watched the movies.