Today’s discussion is about memes and tags.  Many of you may have noticed that I have significantly cut down on posting memes.  When I started my blog, the only thing other than my monthly wrap-ups that I posted were memes and tags.  I didn’t really like that my blog was mostly memes and tags and nothing else, after a while writing them and posting them actually took the joy out of blogging for me.  Another issue I realized with memes, is that I would see the same answers and I myself had the same answers.  Recently, I have found it difficult to comment on meme posts, because, like I said above too many of the books on the lists are the same, there isn’t much variety.  I also don’t feel inspired reading them.  I also stopped doing tags, I started to hate writing them, they took way too much time to write.  The last tag that I did was Celebrating the Little Things back in November.  It’s the last tag that I did after writing a post back in July of 2016 explaining why I wasn’t doing tags/awards anymore.  The last meme that I did was Top 5 Wednesday last month.

Since I have cut back on memes and tags, I like the direction my blog is going in so much better.  I have found other things to fill the days that I would normally post a weekly meme.  I have also found that since cutting back on weekly memes and I am no longer doing tags, I am enjoying blogging so much more than when my blog was just memes.  Am I still going to post memes? Yes, just not every week or every month, and most likely it will be a Top 5 Wednesday.

What do you think? Can tags and memes take the enjoyment out of blogging?