Last year I read a book that I learned a very important lesson from. The book that I read was “I Am Malala.”  A lot of people know the Story of Malala, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban for standing up for her right to be educated. The amazing thing, is that Malala survived to tell her inspiring story. There were a lot of lessons in her book, however the most important lesson that I learned was how much education is taken for granted in first world countries.  On the Malala Fund’s Social Media pages and websites, often videos are posted of things that aren’t shown on the news.  In these videos, you see girls who want to go to school, learn and better themselves.  In a lot of countries, education is something that has to be fought for, and I learned from reading “I Am Malala,” that here in the United States, education is something that we should appreciate more.