Today’s discussion is about DNF’ing books and how I feel about doing it.  I have a shelf on my Goodreads title “abandoned,” for books that I DNF’ed.  Now, since I started this blog, there are only two books that I have marked as abandoned or DNF.  There are times when I have almost DNF’ed books but I actually made myself push through them.  I almost DNF’ed Illuminae and The Magicians, but I made myself push through them, I guess I pushed through Illuminae to see what all the hype was about, and the same thing with The Magicians.  The last book that I marked as abandoned was actually a more recent read, and I DNF’ed it at 98 pages, I know that’s not far into the book, but I just couldn’t get through it.  The First book I DNF’ed was at 141 pages, which is better than 98.  Also, with books that I DNF/abandon I set them aside in a stack to be donated to either goodwill or a local library, that way other people can enjoy them.

What are your thoughts about DNF/abandoning books?