Almost all great stories have villains. With Cinderella, it was the step mother and step sisters. The Little Mermaid had Ursula, The Lion King had Scar and the hyenas, and Sleeping Beauty had Maleficent. I could go on with Disney Villains, however there are many. ┬áThe Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter had more than one villain. While villains aren’t good, they definitely add more to the movies and stories in many different ways. Movies and stories would be boring without the villains.


For letter Q, I decided to do a post about quizzes. I’m not talking about the quizzes you have to take in school either. There’s these quizzes on the Oh My Disney Blog that I love taking, and pretty much every time I take one of those quizzes, my results have to do with Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney of all time, so my results don’t surprise me. The other quizzes that I love taking are Harry Potter quizzes, sometimes the results surprise me, sometimes they don’t. I took the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore, and I was sorted into Gryffindor. The Oh My Disney quizzes are always popping up in my Facebook news feed, the Harry Potter I just google them. These are the quizzes that I love taking, they’re fun and sometimes it’s the surprising results that are the best.