Today’s discussion is about something that some may or may have not noticed is missing from my blog posts and with good reason. I decided to get rid of the “like” button from all of my blog posts. I did this recently after I figured out how to remove it from my blog.

You may be wondering why I did this. Well, the thing is, there have been times where the second I publish a post it already has one “like,” and that tells me that the person didn’t even bother reading my post, yes I can honestly tell when this happens, and it is always the same people who I have no idea if they actually follow my blog or not! I don’t blog for “likes,” I blog for comments. I also got rid of the “like” button to see how many people are viewing my actual posts. I also got rid of it because I want to encourage more comments and actually get people to start and engage in conversations on my posts. I don’t know how long the “like” button will be missing from my blog, I just might make it a permanent thing and keep it off my blog for good.

I want to know your thoughts!