After much thought, I have decided to rejoin Bookstagram, yes, you read that right. I’m rejoining Bookstagram. I will be following my favorite authors, Etsy shops, and publishing houses, I may also follow other readers whose accounts that I enjoy. I’ll probably most likely be posting what I’m currently reading with no props, book mail if and when I get it, and library hauls. I’m probably not going to follow everyone that I followed last time.

My new Instagram name is ashley.reads88 and will be connected to my Twitter account.

*I will also not be doing follow for follow, I am going to be extremely picky about who I follow.



At the beginning of the month, I wrote a post about how I was going to delete my Bookstagram and I wanted to give my readers an update.  I deleted my Bookstagram, and honestly, I am so happy that I deleted it, I am much happier since I left Bookstagram community.  I follow my favorite authors, publishers, and Etsy shops on my personal Instagram.  Speaking of my personal Instagram, I have been posting my current reads in my stories and even created a highlight.  I also created a photo album on my personal Facebook page so family and friends that don’t follow me on Instagram can see what I’ve been reading.  Who knows, maybe the Bookstagram community will change and I’ll feel like joining again at some point down the road, but for now, it’s best that I’m not a member of it.



Today’s discussion is going to be about Bookstagram.  I’ve written two previous posts about Bookstagram which can be found here and here.   In the last one that I wrote, I discussed how I thought that Bookstagram was changing and how I didn’t like what it was becoming.

Today I’m going to discuss my new feelings about Bookstagram.

I’m still not a fan of what Bookstagram has become, I love it for following my favorite authors but other than that I don’t like it at all anymore.  Bookstagram has changed so much since I first joined, and in my honest opinion it hasn’t changed for the better, it has changed for the worse.  I feel that Bookstagram is no longer about the books, I feel that it has become about who has the best theme, who has the most likes and followers, which account has the best props and I’m not about that.  I’ve also stopped posting, the last time I posted was January 28, 2020.  With that being said, I have made a list of authors and publisher accounts that I follow and at the end of the week, I will be deleting my Bookstagram and following the authors and publishers from my personal account which I will not be giving out.  Deleting my Bookstagram is what is best for me. 

I will of course still be active on Twitter and Goodreads.



Today’s discussion is another one about Bookstagram. I did a post a few months ago about my likes and dislikes of Bookstagram, but today’s post is going to be a lot different.

Bookstagram is not the same when I first started my account. I see the same things every time I log on, nothing but rep searches and promos for other accounts. I didn’t join bookstagram for that shit, I joined bookstagram to see pictures of books. With that being said, I’m thinking of doing two things, unfollowing a lot of people that I follow, even though I consider some of the people blogger friends or deleting my account altogether. I love bookstagram for following authors, but I can’t handle seeing anything but rep searches, promos for other accounts and Etsy shops every single time I go on bookstagram. I want pictures of books, not promos and rep searches.

If anyone has any accounts that you think I would like that only have pictures of books without props and don’t post rep searches and promos, please link them below.