If you are new to my blog, I have decided that I am no longer going to do Friday 56. Friday Update is a feature in which I provide an update on what I read during the week, sometimes what I’m currently reading and what book/books I plan on starting over the weekend.

For the week of 1/24/2020-1/30/2020 I read:
Belichick and Brady by Michale Holley- 85 pages which brought me to the end of the book
The Secret Chapter by Genevieve Cogman
Shadowshaper Legacy by Daniel José Older– 289 pages

Pages read: 710

Weekend plans: Finish reading Shadowshaper Legacy



Today’s book review is for Moonshot by Alessandra Torre.
*CW: Cheating

I’ve never read a sports romance book before, so this book was way out of left field for me (baseball pun intended). However, I absolutely love baseball, and I loved this book. Dare I say it, I even enjoyed the romance aspect of this book. I did not like Ty and Tobey together, their relationship seemed extremely forced and unnatural, on the other hand, I absolutely loved Chase and Ty. What made this book more interesting was the fact that there was a murder mystery aspect to it, and I loved the way this book ended.