Today I am going to discuss Backlist Reads or Backlist Books. I’m sure everyone by now is familiar with backlist books and has heard of the Beat the Backlist Challenge. Backlist books are books that you want to read that have already been published that you still haven’t read.  Books published before this year 2021 count as backlist books. Now, I don’t see backlist books as ONLY books that you own.  I feel like backlist books can be borrowed from the library, and if you know me, I love borrowing books from the library because it is a great resource. I did some math, I have 58 backlist books that I own, and to be completely honest, is decent, in my opinion. I have 23 physical backlist books and 35 backlist eBooks, and if you have read this post, you know that one of my goals is to read more backlist books. 

What do you think? Do you count library books as backlist books too?

#StartOnYourShelfAThon Plan

I came across this readathon when Hâf from the Library Looter posted about it, and I then went to the original post to find out more information.  This readathon is hosted by The Quiet Pond.  This readathon takes place over the entire year and the goal is to read as many of your own books as possible.  If you remember in my 2020 Goals and Challenges post I mentioned that one of my goals is to read more backlist books, so this readathon is perfect for that goal.

I have 29 unread physical books and 32 unread eBooks.  I want to try and read at least one unread of my own books a month whether they are physical books or eBooks.  I’m not big on making TBR’s as I’m such a mood reader but here is my Goodreads physical shelf and my Goodreads eBook shelf.