For letter Q, I decided to do a post about quizzes. I'm not talking about the quizzes you have to take in school either. There's these quizzes on the Oh My Disney Blog that I love taking, and pretty much every time I take one of those quizzes, my results have to do with Beauty … Continue reading Quizzes


There are a lot of different oils that have many purposes. This post is going to be about one of my favorite skin care products, which just happens to be an oil. I have oily/dry combination skin which is sensitive to a few ingredients, so I have to be extra careful of what oil I … Continue reading Oils


Nox is the opposite of Lumos. While Lumos turns on a light, Nox turns out the light. Nox, like Lumos is extremely simple, yet extremely useful. I also feel like it's such a beautiful spell. 


While one of the more simple spells in Harry Potter, it is also extremely useful. The simplicity of it, makes it one of my favorites. When "lumos" is spoken, the end of one's wand becomes illuminated, allowing he or she to see in the dark.

Knight Bus

My first encounter with the Knight Bus was when I read "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." The Knight Bus is something that I found intriguing, because in the book and movie it just appeared out of nowhere after Harry ran away from Privet Drive, as if it knew he was in trouble. After … Continue reading Knight Bus


There are many different types of journaling. Blogging is a form of journaling, keeping a reading journal is a way to journal. I do both. I blog on two different blogs, and I keep two different reading journals. One of my reading journals keeps track of how many pages I read, and the other journal … Continue reading Journaling


"I'm gonna tell you a story, I'm gonna tell you about my town..." "Little town, it's a quiet village, every day like the one before...." The opening line from the first song in "Beauty and the Beast" is a solid way to describe the town I live in. It's a little town, and everyday is … Continue reading Ipswich


At the beginning of the year, I try to set goals for myself, whether it be blogging goals, reading goals or lifestyle goals. However, the only goals that I usually end up keeping are my reading goals, those are just the easiest ones for me to keep for some reason. Although this year, I have … Continue reading Goals