For letter Q, I decided to do a post about quizzes. I’m not talking about the quizzes you have to take in school either. There’s these quizzes on the Oh My Disney Blog that I love taking, and pretty much every time I take one of those quizzes, my results have to do with Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney of all time, so my results don’t surprise me. The other quizzes that I love taking are Harry Potter quizzes, sometimes the results surprise me, sometimes they don’t. I took the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore, and I was sorted into Gryffindor. The Oh My Disney quizzes are always popping up in my Facebook news feed, the Harry Potter I just google them. These are the quizzes that I love taking, they’re fun and sometimes it’s the surprising results that are the best. 


There are a lot of different oils that have many purposes. This post is going to be about one of my favorite skin care products, which just happens to be an oil. I have oily/dry combination skin which is sensitive to a few ingredients, so I have to be extra careful of what oil I am using. My favorite oils are the Boscia Tsubaki Oil and the Oils of Life Intensely Rvitalizing Essence Lotion from the Body Shop. This might be confusing putting oil on oily skin, howver it is worked extremely well for me. A while ago, I read something online that putting oil on oily skin can actually help balance out oil production in the long run. Certain oils are moisturizing and can add extra hydration. I learned by reading online, that when oily skin is too dehydrated, the body actually produces more oil to compensate for the lack of hydration.  The thing that I love about the Tsubaki Oil, also known as pink oil because the bottle is pink, is how light it is and how well it absorbs into my skin. The tiniest bit goes a long way too. The Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion, is also really light and not heavy. The essence lotion is half oil and half water that mix together when the bottle is shaken. It helps prep my skin for my other skin care products, and also adds a bit of hydration as well. 
There are two other oils that I have tried, the Josie Maran Argan Oil and the Oils of Life Revitalizing oil from the Body Shop. I normally use the Argan Oil on the ends of my hair, and I knew that it had many uses. I had a reaction to it the second I put it on my face, therefore I knew I couldn’t use it. I still use it on my hair though. When I tried the Oils of Life Revitalizng Oil, it took a few days for the reaction to occur. The ingredient in it that caused a reaction was rosemary essential oil, and  it took a while to figure out this was causing my skin to breakout. 

It is important to try different products to figure out what best works for your needs. 

Marauder’s Map

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good”

The Maurader’s Map is one of my favorite magical items from Harry Potter. I love everything about it, it’s mysterious and mischievous. The map proved to be extremely useful to Harry, especially when he wanted to sneak around and visit Hogsmeade. I love the insults it gives to Professor Snape. But most of all, I love how it helps those who want to be mischievous.

“Mischief managed.”

Knight Bus

My first encounter with the Knight Bus was when I read “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” The Knight Bus is something that I found intriguing, because in the book and movie it just appeared out of nowhere after Harry ran away from Privet Drive, as if it knew he was in trouble. After watching the movie, it’s not something that I would ever want to take a ride on, it looks extremely dangerous. I do love how it squeezes itself to fit in between tight places. While it isn’t one of my favorite things from the books or movies, I still think it’s an interesting concept.


There are many different types of journaling. Blogging is a form of journaling, keeping a reading journal is a way to journal. I do both. I blog on two different blogs, and I keep two different reading journals. One of my reading journals keeps track of how many pages I read, and the other journal is where I write my thoughts on books when I’m done reading it. I like keeping track of what I read and when, that way I can easily look back if I need to find something. I do use Goodreads, and in my opinion, it’s another way to journal. Goodreads is a more social form of journaling, you can easily read what others thought about a certain book. I really enjoy journaling by blogging, I like sharing my thoughts and opinions with others.


“I’m gonna tell you a story, I’m gonna tell you about my town…”

“Little town, it’s a quiet village, every day like the one before….”

The opening line from the first song in “Beauty and the Beast” is a solid way to describe the town I live in. It’s a little town, and everyday is pretty much like the day before. It’s not really quiet, it seems like there is always something going on, but it’s still a nice town. There are a lot of really good restaurants, and shops downtown. Ipswich is also home to Cranes Beach, one of the most gorgeous beaches in Massachusetts. There are more beaches than Cranes too, some of which are only accessible by boat. The thing that may surprise people about Ipswich, is that it is bigger than Boston in terms of square miles, it’s really spread out. It can take up to 15 minutes to get from one side of town to the other, as some areas are closer to the center of town than others. My favorite thing about Ipswich, is  how beautiful it is.

Harry Potter

My favorite book to movie adaptation is Harry Potter. I have seen others, however out of the ones that I have seen, Harry Potter was done the best. I feel like the movies stuck extremely close to the books, while some things had to be changed or taken out, it was extremely easy to relate things from the movies back to the books.  The book series is one of my favorite book series and the movies are one of my favorite movie series.  I always make it a point to re-read the books and watch the movies every year, and I always pick up on new things that I may have missed the other times that I read the books and watched the movies.


At the beginning of the year, I try to set goals for myself, whether it be blogging goals, reading goals or lifestyle goals. However, the only goals that I usually end up keeping are my reading goals, those are just the easiest ones for me to keep for some reason. Although this year, I have done a somewhat okay of keeping my lifestyle goal of being more active, I started doing yoga. I don’t remember setting any blogging goals this year, in previous years I set them, but never kept them. In my opinion, it is important to set goals even if you don’t keep them, they still give you something to work for.