*I received this book from NetGalley and in no way shape or form does that affect my opinions.

*CW: Suicide, Abuse

As with Fiona Davis’ previous novels, The Chelsea Girls blends two different storylines together seamlessly. This is a story of friendship, heartbreak, betrayal, and art in Post World War II America. We have the stories of Hazel Ripley and Maxine Mead, how they are separate but come together so well. I loved both stories equally, I especially loved how Hazel wanted to create her own name for herself and step out of the shadows of her family’s name. With Maxine’s story, some of it is told in diary entries which are distinguishable and then we get her actual story. Both Hazel’s and Maxine’s stories are heartbreaking.  This is the fourth Fiona Davis book that I have read, and it definitely will not be my last.