Review of the Boscia Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm

Normally I don’t do product reviews, however I am making an exception for this product.

As someone who has allergies, something that I am always dealing with is dark circles.  One thing that I hate about having dark circles all the time, is that even if I’m not tired, I still look like I’m tired.  It is really annoying.  A few years ago I went into Sephora to restock some of my skin care products, which the majority of them are from Boscia and I saw the Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm.  The really awesome thing about products from Boscia is that they have more natural ingredients and are all preservative free.  I had read about this eye balm online and thought it looked really unique and different.  I asked the sales associate exactly what it was, and she told me more about the product.  She also told me that it’s really good if you have allergies, and I decided to buy it.


The first time I used it, under my eyes instantly felt better, they didn’t feel as puffy and were instantly soothed.  The product does what it says that it is.  It has a really unique cooling effect when you put it on, and it definitely makes under my eyes less puffy.  It has a whole bunch of different plant extracts, such as licorice root and really good oils in it, such as rose oil.  After I put on my nighttime moisturizer, I use this and when I wake up in the morning my dark circles aren’t as dark, and under my eyes feel more refreshed.  The product lasts a really long time if you keep it out of the sun.  The first container I had lasted me a really long time, but it ended up melting.  The new container that I have just stays on my night table, so I don’t have to worry about it melting.