Today’s post is different as in it’s not a bookish post. When I changed the direction of my blog to be majority a bookish blog, I didn’t change the name because I still wanted to have the freedom to post non-bookish content when and if I wanted to.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you have missed what just happens to be the BIGGEST sports scandal, bigger than Jerry Sandusky and Penn State, bigger than Deflategate, and bigger than any other sports scandals. I’m talking about Larry Nassar. It involves three different governing bodies, the NCAA, USAG (USA Gymnastics), and the USOC (US Olympic Committee). NCAA is involved because Larry Nassar was an employee at Michigan State University, USAG and the USOC are involved because he was the doctor at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas which was the training center for USAG. He did not have a medical license to practice in Texas and he was also the team doctor for the Women’s Olympic team, which is why the USOC is involved. This disgrace of a human being sexually assaulted at least 150 young girls, teenagers, and young women. Watching the victim impact statements is heartbreaking, but what is even worse is that these young girls, teens and young women reported the abuse, but the governing bodies did NOTHING. On Wednesday Judge Aquilina listened to the last of the victim impact statements and handed down her sentencing by sentencing the disgrace of a human being to 175 years in prison. The Karolyi Ranch which has a history of abuse, Dominique Mocheanu spoke out about it in 2008, has been shut down, the entire USAG board of directors has resigned, the president of MSU has resigned, the MSU athletic director has retired and now the federal government is involved, the USOC has hired a private firm to investigate, Valeri Liukin has resigned from his position as coordinator of the women’s National Team, a position he took over in 2016 after Martha Karolyi retired. And Larry Nassar was sentenced a third time earlier this week. It will be interesting to see what happens with USA Gymnastics in the coming months with competition season coming up.

No, I have never been a victim of sexual abuse. However, I would like to mention that I did gymnastics for eight years. And when I first heard about all of this TWO YEARS ago in 2016, I wondered why nobody listened to these athletes until now, or when Dominque Moceanu first spoke out about abuse within USA Gymnastics in 2008. It saddened me to see/hear that this happened. I hope a lot of changes happen so a situation like this never happens again.


Sox Love

Sox LoveOne more week, that’s it.  One more week until the season officially starts, and to say that I can’t wait is an understatement.  I’ve done my waiting, six long months of waiting!  I’m really excited for the season to start, and to be able to watch baseball pretty much every day again.  New England/Massachusetts winters are long, and the start of baseball is the light at the end of the tunnel.  While I have enjoyed watching spring training games, they are nothing compared to regular season games.    Regular season games have late season implications.  Speaking of seasons, this one will be different, much different.  This is the first season without Big Papi, but knowing what I know about the Sox, they’ll adjust and be just fine.  I have high hopes for this season, and I can’t wait to see what the season brings.

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Sox Love

Sox LoveI know there are mixed feelings about the World Baseball Classic (WBC), baseball’s equivalent to FIFA, especially in regards to MLB players leaving Spring Training early. But honestly, I love the World Baseball Classic for a few reasons. The first reason is because I really enjoy watching the international teams and players. Second, I love that Major League players get to represent their countries. Third, I love the fact that there’s baseball on almost all day every day. I think that the WBC is great for promoting baseball on a more international level, which I don’t think it’s promoted enough internationally. I wish international baseball got more attention, like soccer (football) does, because it certainly deserves it.  I can’t wait to see how this year’s WBC unfolds.

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Sox Love


…Means nothing, it really doesn’t.  You can have a team that looks wicked good on paper, but they play like crap.  For instance, there have been times when the Sox have looked really good on paper, but it didn’t translate onto the field.  Right now, the Sox look wicked good on paper, but it’s anybody’s guess as to how that will translate onto the field.  For me, watching spring training games I can make educated guesses as to how the team will look during the regular season, and this doesn’t take into account the possible injuries and necessary roster adjustments to field the team that has the best chance to win.  This is baseball, and it is a rarity that teams perform the way they look on paper.

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Favorite routines from trials and thoughts on the olympic team

As a former gymnast, one of my favorite things to do is watch the Olympic Trials and pick my favorite routines.

Last night at the conclusion of the gymnastics trials, the five going to the olympics were announced, I’ll get to my thoughts on the team later.  However, there were definitely some standout routines.  These are my favorite ones organized by the events.


Aly Raisman- I love the maturity she shows in this routine, and she also has an unbelievable opening tumbling pass.  The diffluty of her tumbling is second to Simone Biles.

Gabby Douglas- Her routine is so much fun to watch, and I love her music too.

Laurie Hernandez- All I can say about her routine is that it is spunky and sassy.  She really lets her personality shine on floor!

Ragan Smith- Her music is the theme from the tv show The Adams Family and her routine is adorable.


Gabby- She didn’t earn the nickname the “flying squirrel” for nothing.  She can still fly.

Ashton Locklear- She has gorgeous, long, clean lines that are reminiscent of Nastia.  Also her transitions from the low bar to the high bar are very elegant.


Madison Kocian- While she might not have the height of Ashton Locklear, she hits her handstands and is the world champion.

Laurie Hernandez- She does three releases in a row on the high bar, and she can really fly like Gabby.


Aly- She has such a commanding presence on beam, and she has one of the most difficult dismounts in the world.  Another reason why I love Aly’s beam routine is the way she connects different skills.

Simone Biles- She has so much difficulty packed into this routine, I don’t know how she does it.

Laurie- I love her choreography and dance elements on beam.

Vault- I don’t have a favorite, a lot of the gymnasts compete the same vault.

I really love the team that was picked for the olympics.  I am not surprised that Aly and Gabby are going back to the olympics, they both provide veteran leadership, especially Aly.  Gabby’s strongest event, which also happens to be the weakest for Team USA is the uneven bars, it’s where she shines.  Aly is strongest on beam, floor and vault, however it is Aly’s floor routine that really helps the team.  I’m hoping she can retain her floor title.  As for the rest of the team, I feel that Laurie Hernandez is a great all-around athlete, while she might not have as much international experience as a senior elite gymnast as the others, she doesn’t let her inexperience show.  Even on her worst day, Simone Biles is still always better.  There is a reason why she is a three time world champion and four time US national champion.  Madison Kocian’s best event is the uneven bars, even though she doesn’t get as much height on her release skills as Gabby, this is where she will really contribute.

Thoughts on the NBA Finals trophy presentation

Sunday night, as I was watching the trophy presentations, more specifically the Finals MVP trophy presentation, something bothered me. The NBA Finals MVP Trophy is named after Bill Russell, who was on stage for the presentation. The thing that bothered me, was not that he was on stage, but because he was not acknowledged by anyone. In my opinion, it was extremely disrespectful that Bill Russell wasn’t acknowledged. This is a man who was the first African-American head coach in the NBA, and won 11 NBA titles, something that might never be done again. Bill Russell should have gotten more respect than he did, and he should have been acknowledged. After all, there is a reason why it is his name on the trophy, and not the name of another player. 

#T5W Favorite Posts


If I don’t love something that I have written, I don’t post it, or I rewrite it until I do love it.  Picking my favorite posts was somewhat difficult, however I was able to narrow it down to five.

If Miami Wins– This was the first post ever on my blog, so it has a special place.  I felt looking back on this post, I have grown as a blogger, and as I have grown so has my blog.

How do I decide which blogs I’m going to read and follow– I picked this one because I feel that the subject matter is important.  I know sometimes deciding what blogs to follow is a struggle for some people.

Journaling– This was one of my posts for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge, and I had fun writing this one.

2016 Reading/Bookish Goals– I think this one will be most important at the end of the year.  I’ll be able to look back and see if I met all my goals.  And if anyone is wondering, I have already accomplished one of my goals, and I’m in the middle of accomplishing another one.

Inside my blog planner– I know this one is more recent, but I had a lot of fun writing this post.  And I think I may have inspired some of my blogger friends to start planning as well.

NFL vs. New York Times

If you have been living under a rock, or just not paying attention to National Football League (NFL) news recently, than this post will make you aware of what is going on. The reputation and image of the NFL is slowing becoming more damaged. I read a New York Times article (linked at the end of this post) about the NFL’s flawed concussion research, I then read the NFL’s rebuttal to said article (also linked at the end). First things first, The New York Times is one of the most reputable journalistic publications, second, the NFL told The New York Times to retract the published story about the flaws in concussion research. What I have gathered from reading the article and the rebuttal, is that the NFL is right and The New York Times is wrong. It is evident that The New York Times conducted extensive research for their article, and the NFL by telling them to retract their story, does nothing but attempt to discredit a prestigious publication. However, the NFL has done nothing but discredit itself.  My feelings are this, recently the NFL has been denying truths that others have pointed out, and this is a huge problem, that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


New York Times Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/25/sports/football/nfl-concussion-research-tobacco.html?smid=tw-nytsports&smtyp=cur

NFL Rebuttal: https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/More-To-The-Story.aspx

If Miami Wins…

If by chance Miami wins the championship, will the criticism of Lebron James stop or will it continue?  In my honesty opinion, it is too difficult to tell.  I feel that no matter the circumstances people will still be critical of him.  People will always be critical of his attitude, which sometimes comes across as arrogant and immature.  Some will be critical because they feel that he receives preferential treatment from the higher ups in the league, mainly Commissioner Stern and the referees, people are critical of that too, it is not fair.  There is always the important question, when it matters most, will Lebron James ever be the clutch player?  Yes, he has made clutch shots at the end of games, but making clutch shots does not always warrant the title of a clutch player, it is the clutch plays throughout the whole game that makes someone a clutch player.  The criticism will always be there whether he wins or loses, he can not and will not ever escape it.