Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Review

    It's been a while since I’ve written a music post on my blog.  I figured I would discuss my thoughts on the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack.  I have the standard edition, but I have listened to the deluxe edition on Spotify.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop, and I love the … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Review

#T5W Book Theme Songs

1.) "The Entertainer"- Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet by H.P. Wood The cover reminds me of a circus and whenever I hear "The Entertainer" I think of a circus. 2.) Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child- Zodiac by Romina Russell I always felt that the main character Rho was independent. 3.) "Paris Holds the Key to … Continue reading #T5W Book Theme Songs


I am obsessed with making playlists in my iTunes and Spotify libraries. It's how I keep my music organized, and how I decide what I want to listen to. I get bored of music pretty easily, so I'm always rotating what playlists I put on my iPod.  I also have playlists for certain artists. I … Continue reading Playlists


After what has happened to Justin Bieber recently, I couldn't help  but write a blog post about his recent antics.  Justin Bieber has talent, but with the way that he has been behaving lately, he might just be throwing his talent and career out the window.  Allegedly he's been sippin on some sizzurp, and taking … Continue reading Biebs