Beyond the Book- Favorite room in the house

This tag is hosted by KissinBlueKaren I have more than one favorite room in the house.  My three favorite rooms are my bedroom, the kitchen and living room.  It’s hard for me to just pick my most favorite out of those three.  I love sitting at the kitchen counter, on my computer, reading and commenting … Continue reading Beyond the Book- Favorite room in the house


#T5W Book Theme Songs

1.) "The Entertainer"- Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet by H.P. Wood The cover reminds me of a circus and whenever I hear "The Entertainer" I think of a circus. 2.) Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child- Zodiac by Romina Russell I always felt that the main character Rho was independent. 3.) "Paris Holds the Key to … Continue reading #T5W Book Theme Songs