Today’s short discussion, which is the first one I’ve done in a while is about what is considered a successful week in reading.  Sha from Book Princess Reviews left a comment on my most recent (at the time of posting this) Friday Update about how many pages I read, and it got me thinking about … Continue reading #SuccessfulReadingWeek


Yesterday I posted my November Wrap-Up, my first post since I posted my October Wrap-Up last month.  Blogging is a hobby, it isn’t a job and it takes time.  It is also not my first priority, right now my first priority is school.  This semester is ending soon.  Since I made school my priority, reading … Continue reading #BibliophileUpdate


Today’s discussion is going to be about my relationship with audiobooks. I have a complicated relationship with audiobooks. I’ve only listened to four of them, one of them I tried listening to while reading along with the book, and that didn’t work out too well because I read faster than the audiobook went, and yes, … Continue reading #Audiobooks


Today’s short discussion is going to be about reading between two books. Right now I’m reading The Iliad and the Odyssey. I have the hardcover and eBook of Samuel Butler’s translation. I bought the eBook so I wouldn’t have to carry the hardcover around, it’s a heavy book. I previously did this with Harry Potter … Continue reading #BetweenTwoBooks


Today's discussion is going to be about books and their movie adaptations. Some movies I saw before I read the book, and then others I read the books and then saw the movies. These are simply my opinions about them. Read the book first: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien- I read the book when I … Continue reading #BooksVSMovies


This post is discussing how I make really good reading progress each week. This post is actually inspired by a comment that Misty from Misty's Bookspace left on one of my Friday Update posts. Friday Update posts are my weekly update posts because I start my reading week on Fridays. Every time I read, I … Continue reading #ReadingProgress