Today’s discussion is about how I’ve stopped using star ratings on Goodreads. At some point last year, towards the end when I was reviewing books, I didn’t give them star ratings, and this was 100% unintentional at first. I could say that I kinda got lazy and didn’t want to think about how many stars … Continue reading #NoStars


Now, this post might offend some, but it’s been something that I’ve been thinking about discussing for a while. I’m talking about big bloggers, you know the ones who have thousands of followers, yup I’m discussing that. Another thing is that Drew from the Tattooed Book Geek tweeted about this. Now, I think that all … Continue reading #BigBloggers


  Today I am going to discuss books and authors that I won’t read and give the reasons why. Some books and authors go hand in hand. Nevernight, and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff- I saw things on Twitter when Nevernight was first published concerning how a culture was represented and then when he was called … Continue reading #JustNo


Today's discussion is going to be about a change of scenery. No, I'm not talking about the scenery outside, I'm talking about where you read and do homework. Sometime's reading or doing homework in the same place all the time gets boring, and for some, it's easy to get distracted. Recently some of my homework … Continue reading #ChangeOfScenery


Today’s discussion is about books, but not just any books special edition books. I’ve seen a lot on Twitter and Bookstagram about the new special edition copies of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, and that is what inspired me to write this post. In my own personal collection, I only have three … Continue reading #Books


If you couldn't tell from the title, today's discussion is going to be about libraries.  I've done posts about libraries in the past, which you can check out here and here.  I was actually inspired to write this post after I saw something on Twitter earlier this week that really annoyed me to no end.  … Continue reading #Libraries


Today I'm going to discuss my experience with review requests. I was actually inspired to write this after seeing Drew from the Tattooed Book Geek wrote a very well written post about his experience with an author. Now, I have only gotten two review requests, but each one was different. The first request was through … Continue reading #ReviewRequests


Today's discussion is about the ALA's Library Bill of Rights, more specifically The Freedom to Read statement. I'm currently in school to get my B.S. in ILS ( Information Library Services). For one of my assignments, I had to read the Freedom to Read statement. I found things really interesting, and some of the things that … Continue reading #LBOR


Today’s discussion is another one about Bookstagram. I did a post a few months ago about my likes and dislikes of Bookstagram, but today’s post is going to be a lot different. Bookstagram is not the same when I first started my account. I see the same things every time I log on, nothing but … Continue reading #Bookstagram2.0