My past few discussion posts have been about genres and categories. You can read them here and here (Please comment on them too if you haven’t done so already). Today I am going to discuss my favorite sub-genres. I tend to read the same sub-genres across Middle-grade, Teen, YA, and Adult. Remember, Middle-grade, Teen, YA, and Adult are categories/age groups and not genres. Fiction and non-fiction are genres.

My favorite fiction sub-genres across all age groups are:
Contemporary– I love reading books set in the present day and how they can relate to current events. And yes, contemporary books, especially in the Teen/AY categories often have romance in them, but romance is more of a sub-plot and not the main plot.
Historical– I love reading about history. My favorite historical-fiction author is Fiona Davis.
Fantasy (Fantasy has its sub-genres that I’m not going to get into)- I’m very picky about the fantasy that I read.
Magical Realism– I love reading books where there are magical elements in the real world. A great example of a magical realism book is A Million Junes by Emily Henry or Lobizona by Romina Garber.
Literary Fiction

Non-fiction sub-genres:
Race/Social Justice

Poetry is a separate genre and can either be fiction or non-fiction. Poetry isn’t something that I read often, but I did pre-order a book of poetry this year!

*Please discuss your favorite sub-genres in the comments below.

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