I’ve done these posts in the past to keep me accountable for my goals. However, seeing as how I decided to do things differently this year with my goals and challenges, I still thought it would be great to do these monthly updates.

You can read what my goals are and the challenges that I’m participating in here.

Reading goals:
Goodreads/Storygraph: Read one book. I’ve already accomplished this goal. I have no regrets about setting my goal of reading one book and not changing it once I reached it.  I feel much freer in my reading life.  I am up to 16 books on the year and I’m very happy with that number.
Read more backlist books: I am doing okay with this goal.
Read more books written by Black authors (this includes books about social justice and Antiracism): I’m doing a decent job with this goal.  

Modern Mrs. Darcy– I’ve done quite a few things from this challenge.  I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge.
Library Love– Dewey Decimal: Read 12 books. For this challenge, I have read 11 out of 12 books.

Blogging Goals:
Post weekly reading updates: I’m doing okay with this, there have been a couple of times I didn’t post, especially if I didn’t read a lot a certain week.
Post reviews weekly: I have to say, I’m doing pretty well with this goal.  Posting these has become dependent on when I finish a book, which I always review books as soon a possible after I finish it.
Try to post more discussion posts: I feel like I’m doing okay with this goal, I just need to find the time to draft and schedule all my discussions. I have now added to the list of discussion post ideas that I created at the beginning of the year.  By the time the year is over, I will have had a discussion post for every week.

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