Today’s short discussion is about how I de-stressed my reading life, as in making it not be stressful. This post also coincides perfectly with the one I posted yesterday, which you can read here.

The first way I de-stressed my reading life was by setting my reading goal to one book and keep it at one book throughout the year. This has worked immensely as I don’t feel the pressure to read x amount of books and then feel like a failure because I had to lower my goal.

The second way I de-stressed my reading life was not joining a lot of challenges or doing a lot of readathons. I’m only doing two challenges, Modern Mrs. Darcy and the Library Love Challenge. They are the only challenges I’m committed to doing.

The third way, I’m paying less attention to what everyone else is reading and reading what I genuinely want to read. Part of this is also not getting so caught up with which books are hyped and what ones aren’t. This is a problem that I’ve had in the past, where I was reading books because that’s what everyone else was reading, therefore, feeling like I had to read them and not necessarily enjoying them. PSA: You don’t have to read what’s popular and new to be relevant in the book community.

What do you do to make your reading life less stressful? Let me know in the comments!

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