Today’s post is an extension of one from last week which can be read here. In that post, I discussed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon due to their price-fixing practice in regards to eBooks. So, today I wanted to continue that discussion by talking about alternatives to Amazon Kindle eBooks.

*This post is strictly for eBooks.

Barnes and Noble Nook: The free app can be downloaded to both Android and iOS devices, and Tablets. There is also a section on the Barnes and Noble website that has eBooks at all price points:
Under $5
Under $2.99
You can search by Genre
Search price low to high, high to low, publication date, relevancy, and more
For children’s and YA books you can search by age group
Google Books: Also a free app available for both Android and iOS devices and Tablets. You can search by genre but not by price.
Deals page on the app with books under $5
iBooks: Only on iOS devices.
Has a user-friendly interface.
It doesn’t list the price of the books until you click on the book.
eBooks.com: I discovered this on the website of a publishing company. There is an app that is compatible with most devices running iOS and Android, it’s not compatible with Windows phones. You do need Adobe Digital Editions but they also have a selection of DRM Free books. 
You can also read online and don’t need an app.
Website is easy to use
Can browse by age group and genre
Can’t sort by price
Indiebound: Indiebound has a list of independent bookstores that offer eBooks through a service called My Must Reads.
Have to download an app and be a registered user to browse the app
You can only search by title and not the author
No option to pre-order eBooks
Kobo: I’m not very familiar with this one but I do know that it exists.
App available for iOS and Android devices, a desktop app available for Windows and MAC
OverDrive/Libby: This allows you to borrow eBooks from the library. Just be sure to read in the app and don’t have eBooks sent to your Kindle device because Amazon sends the information to publishing companies which hurts libraries.
I mainly use Libby because I like the interface better
Hoopla Digital: Also allows you to borrow eBooks from the library.
No waitlist
Project Gutenberg: A library of over 60,000 works of literature in the public domain that have been digitized. The literary works that are found on this website are no longer protected by the United States copyright laws.
No special app required
A great resource for classic literature

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