2020 has been a rough year for all of us, with the pandemic and fighting for social justice I had trouble focusing on reading.  I also took a much needed step back from blogging.  A few months ago I significantly lowered my Goodreads reading goal from 115 books to 50 books, which you can read about here.

These past few days, I started thinking about my goals and the reading challenges that I will be doing in 2021.  Without further ado, below you will find my reading goals and the challenges that I will be doing.

Reading goals:
Goodreads Challenge: 1 book.  Yes, you read that right.  I know for a fact that I will read at least 1 book in 2021.  I have seen a few Booktubers do this in the past, and think that it’s a great idea.  Honestly, setting my goal to just 1 book takes the pressure and stress off of reading x amount of books and feeling like I have to read that number.  Something that I hate doing is lowering my reading goal which I had to do this year.

Read more backlist books
Read more books about social justice written by Black authors to educate myself even more

Modern Mrs. Darcy– This year’s challenge is so unique and different, you can choose your own reading adventure!
Library Love– Dewey Decimal: Read 12 books

Blogging goals:
Post weekly reading updates
Post weekly reviews
Try to post more discussion posts

Stay tuned for my November/December wrap-up and my 2020 Reading Year Review!

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