In my last actual post that you can read here, I wrote that I decided to step back from book blogging and Twitter and that I didn’t owe anyone an explanation. I still don’t owe anyone any explanation. Slowly, I’ve gotten back to Twitter interacting here and there, but I’m not fully back yet. 

I wanted to come on here and give everyone an update on my reading life.

I have significantly lowered my reading goal from 115 to 50. Currently, 115 books are just not realistic for me. I’ll be happy if I read 100 books this year. During the pandemic, which we are still in the middle of, my reading has slowed. I have put my focus on reading more books written by Black authors and books that discuss Anti-Racism to educate myself more. While I’ve read quite a decent amount of books written by Black authors and have learned a lot, there is more that I can read and learn, and please don’t recommend me any (I have my list). Goodreads is where I’ve been the most active by updating what I’m currently reading and writing reviews for the books that I have finished.

So far this year, I have read 38 books, and I’m happy about that number. All the books I have read are ones that I have enjoyed and have found to be quality books and would recommend them. If you follow me on Goodreads, you will see that I’m currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, which so far is a great book and one that I think everyone needs to read.

Something that I have noticed when it comes to reading is that it turns into a competition, especially when numbers are involved. Reading is not a competition, and any comments comparing what I have read to what you have will not be approved and deleted.

I also don’t know when my next post outside of my monthly Calendar Girls post will be.

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