Today, I’m going to discuss how to get free eBooks LEGALLY outside of the obvious Nook and Kindle deals that you can get from emails such as Bookbub, Bookperk, LitFlash, and other email newsletters that send out eBook deals.  Yes, I put an emphasis on legally, I do not condone or support piracy, however, I do acknowledge that I come from a place of privilege that not everyone has and might not have any other option.

Epic Reads Insiders– Sign up to become an Epic Reads Insider.  Epic Reads is a YA imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.  Every once in a blue moon Epic Reads Insiders will send out surveys whereupon completing the survey you can download a free eBook, you will need the Glose app to read on your Nook, Phone, or Kindle and you can also read the books on your computer on the Glose website.  You’ll also need to create an account with Glose.  Epic Reads Insiders also has giveaways where you can win Advanced Reader Copies.

RivetedLit– RivetedLit is a website from Simon Teen.  Every month RivetedLit posts full-length books that can be read for free.  There is no app for RivetedLit so you’ll need a WiFi connection to read the books online.

NetGalley– You’ll need to create an account.  Most book bloggers use NetGalley.  NetGalley is a great way to get free eBooks, while they are Advanced Reader Copies, it’s still a great way to read and review upcoming publications.

Edelweiss– Edelweiss is similar to NetGalley but I don’t use it, as it’s not as user friendly and I have better luck with NetGalley.

And last but not least my favorite place to get free eBooks:

The library.  Yes, the library is my favorite place to get eBooks for free and my favorite apps for this are Libby and Hoopla Digital.  Libby is an app created by OverDrive and I use it more than I use OverDrive.  Hoopla Digital is also a great app as there are never any waitlists for eBooks.  The difference between Libby/OverDrive and Hoopla is that you can read books borrowed from Hoopla in your web browser, with Libby/OverDrive I’m pretty sure you need to download the apps.  However, I do not recommend having eBooks borrowed from Libby/OverDrive sent to your Kindle device, read the eBooks right in the Libby/OverDrive apps.  I personally love reading right in the Libby app, it gives you estimates on how long it will take you to finish the book you’re currently reading.  If you want to know why you should never have your Libby/OverDrive eBooks sent to your Kindle device, I highly suggest reading this article from Publisher’s Weekly.

I did not include Audiobooks in this as I don’t listen to them often.  I also did not include Scribd as it’s a subscription service, and the whole point of this post is FREE.

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