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There may be grammatical errors in this review as I am writing it how I originally wrote it in fourth grade.


In this next part of the story, Mary told Martha about finding Colin.  She asked Mary what was wrong with him.  Mary told her that nobody really knew.  When he was born and his mother died, his father went crazy.  He wouldn’t even look at the baby.  He was too afraid that Colin would end up being a hunchback just like him.  Everyone always just kept the baby lying down.  They wouldn’t even let him walk when he got older.

Martha was upset that Mary found Colin.  She was afraid that someone would find out and she would get fired, and then she wouldn’t be able to help her mother.

Martha had to go and take care of Colin for a while so that his nurse could go and rest.  After a few minutes she came and told Mary that she must have bewitched Colin.  When Martha got to his room, he wasn’t lying in bed.  He was sitting up on the couch, wearing a velvet robe and reading his books.  He told Martha that he wanted to see his cousin Mary.

It was the first time that Mary had seen Colin’s room in the daylight.  There were bright pictures, colorful rugs, and beautiful wall hangings.  Mary and Colin told each other that they had been thinking about each other all day.  They were very happy to see each other.  Mary told Colin that he reminded her of a prince she had met in India.  One reason was because of all the silks and jewels, and the other reason was because of the way he told everyone what to do.  When he spoke, people obeyed, or they died!

I think it must have been very exciting to see Colin get out of bed and do things.  It must have made Mary feel very happy to know that her cousin liked meeting her so much that he didn’t just want to lay in bed all the time anymore.  Mary and Colin were becoming very good friends, and I think that is very nice, but I also think that Colin should stop being so bossy and ordering people like Martha and his nurse around all the time.  He should start acting more like a child his own age.


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