I did a poll on both Instagram and Twitter to see if people wanted me to write a post about how I track how much money I save by borrowing books from the library, and the votes were unanimous.  Today I am going to discuss how I track how much money I save by borrowing books from the library and what I use to track my book acquisitions.  In my 2019 Bookish Year in Review post I posted the following statistics:
          Books that I purchased
          Books acquired using gift cards or free
          Money saved from borrowing books from the library

To keep track of my monthly book hauls I use these pages from BibliophilePrints:


As it has a spot for the price, even when I borrow books from the library, I go to the *Barnes and Noble website and look up the prices of books that I borrowed.  Unless the book is only available as an eBook or paperback in which I will use those prices, I always use the hardcover prices regardless of the format that I read (personal preference).  I then write the total price saved each month on a blank space on the page.  Prices of books that I purchase will always be reflective of the format that I purchase.

To track how many books I bought or acquired with a gift card or for free, I use the following excel spreadsheet:

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 2.02.05 PM

I have other spreadsheets that I use to track other stats, but I won’t get into those as they aren’t relevant to this post.  I will also not be making them available.

*I only buy my books from Barnes and Noble as it is my personal preference.  I refuse to purchase books from Amazon (there are plenty of articles online about how horrible Amazon is for buying books), and I won’t even get started on the Margaret Atwood mess (that can be Googled too).  If I can get to an indie bookstore I will buy from them, but as I have literally no shelf space if I purchase any books, they will mostly be eBooks.

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