Today I am going to discuss how I prioritize the books that I want to read.  Now, I am a mood reader, I do not make TBRs unless I am doing a readathon with reading challenges.  However, there are books that I prioritize over other books when it comes to reading them.  The books that I own while are a priority, they aren’t a bigger priority over library books and ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies).  I have a strict review policy, you can read it here.  If I am reading an ARC, it is one that I have requested from NetGalley.

I put reading library books and ARCs above the books that I own because those books are on a deadline.  Yes, I can renew library books, and I have done so many times, the only time I can’t renew library books is if there is a hold on them.  And when it comes to ARCs it isn’t often that I miss the deadline for them as I don’t request that many.

How do you prioritize the books you want to read?

Let's Discuss

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