I am so excited for this monthly challenge hosted by Kathy at Books and Munches.  The name of this challenge is Moody May.  There is no set TBR so you read what you feel like reading.  This challenge is not only perfect for me as I’m a huge mood reader and I’m not a fan of TBR’s, you can read that post here, but for other mood readers as well.

Here are the rules from Kathy’s blog:
●Post a blog post/comment/ Tweet / whatever saying you’ll be joining me in my mood reading spree!
●Share your complete TBR and show which one you’re very probably starting Moody May with.
●If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #MoodyMayBM so we can follow up on each other!

If you want to know what my complete TBR is you can find it here, and you can find my owned books TBR here.  I also have no idea what I’m going to read first, I’ll see what I’m in the mood for reading.

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