I was inspired to write this after watching YouTube videos posted by Kassie from MissSassyKassie titled “Discussion // YA v. Adult & the Changes we NEED” and Francina Simone titled “What Is New Adult?  I highly suggest you watch the videos as Kassie and Francina bring up a lot of excellent points. I agreed with everything that was said in both videos.  Watching these videos got me thinking about what I want in New Adult fiction.

When I think of New Adult fiction, I think of smut and romance novels.  If that’s what you want to read, be my guest but I don’t want to read just smut and romance, I have no interest or desire.  If you want to see what I don’t read for books and why I suggest reading this post.  The post was written in 2016, and not much has changed from that post in which I should have included in it that I don’t read thrillers, horror or mysteries either.

New Adult is not a genre it is an age group and when I think of the age group I think of 18-25 maybe even 18-30, and most of the books I see marketed towards that age range are smutty romance and romance novels/series.  I would love to see historical fiction, and contemporary.  Another thing that would be nice to see in New Adult is books without the entire plot revolving around romance, not everyone is always in a relationship or looking for one or even dating for that matter.  Is it that difficult to publish NEW ADULT books that have PLATONIC relationships, COMPLEX friendships, and FAMILY relationships?

If anyone has any New Adult recommendations that ARE NOT smutty romance books please leave them in the comments.  But please DO NOT recommend Rainbow Rowell, Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult, or John Green. 

Look out for tomorrow’s post which is going to be a list of adult book recommendations that I have read and enjoyed for those looking to read more adult books.  The list includes both fiction and non-fiction.

4 thoughts on “#WhatIWantInNewAdultBooks

  1. I would love to see New Adult take off as a genre, but unfortunately it is dominated by smut. :/ I think An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green would count as NA since its protagonist is a 23 yo art student, that book was amazing if you haven’t read it. (I know you said not to rec John Green, hopefully that doesn’t apply to his brother!)

    • I remember reading the synopsis when it first came out and I wasn’t like “I want to read this book,” nothing about it really grabbed my attention. Thanks anyway.

      • no probs. I was the same, I had little interest in it, but randomly picked it up and was riveted because of the role social media played and the alien dreaming puzzle, but it’s not gonna be for everyone. all good!

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