Today’s discussion is going to be something that I don’t think I’ve discussed before, my current Goodreads TBR.  My current Goodreads TBR is low, and by low I mean it’s around 100 books give or take.  A few of the books on my TBR don’t even have titles, covers or release dates yet. The reason why my TBR is so low is that I have stopped adding books to my TBR just for the sake of adding books to my TBR.  I REFUSE to add books unless I have a genuine interest in reading them.  I have also started to read more of what I want to read and I have stopped reading books just because everyone else in the community is reading them, which has made me a much happier reader.  Another reason why my TBR is so low is that right now there aren’t too many new releases that I’m really excited for and the ones that I’m looking forward to reading have already been added, some of them I even forgot to add, and recently added them.  I am also not ashamed to say that there are certain authors that I won’t read at all, and it’s just my personal preference to not read those authors.  I also think that my reading tastes have changed and I’m becoming more particular about what I read.

11 thoughts on “#TBRHabits

  1. How do you have books on your TBR without titles? That would make me (personally) soooo nervous — I need to know everything about a book before settling on if I want to read it or not. I’m guessing maybe an author you really like has something else coming out?

    I only have around a dozen books on my TBR. I only add books I know I’ll read (and even then I still drop some off. And I don’t keep it up to date a lot. I’m terrible with Goodreads, haha.

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  3. I am having the same problem. I tried to limit my amount on my TBR shelf to 100, and in order to add a new book I had to either read one or remove one. That worked for quite some time, but I have recently had to increase the amount to 150. I wouldn’t say I add books just to add books, but whenever I see a book that I genuinely feel that I am interested in reading I will add it just to remember it. My interests might have changed quite a bit since I adde the oldest ones though so I might have to go through the whole list and remove those that I am no longer interested in!

  4. I’ve mostly stopped adding books to my Goodreads TBR, too. I have a tab in my Reading Log spreadsheet where I put books I want to read, and that keeps me, for whatever reason, from adding for the sake of adding.

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