I’m pretty sure that I wrote the following review when I was in fourth grade. There will probably be some grammatical errors as what I am posting is the original that I wrote in fourth grade, I think. The following review is of Meg’s Story: Portraits of Little Women by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

In this story, Meg March is a girl with three sisters. Their names are Jo, Beth, and Amy. Meg is the oldest. It is the first day of June, and Meg can’t wait for the school day to be over. She usually loves school, but today it is a hot, sunny day and she wanted to go home and rehearse for the play she was putting on with her sisters. Beth said she would play the piano for the play. Mary, who is the youngest, is just learning to memorize her lines. It was so nice out this day, they would practice in the garden.

I can imagine how Meg feels wanting school to be over when it’s such a nice day. I think she is very excited about doing the play with all her sisters, and being outside in the garden after it was such a long, cold winter.


*Disclaimer about Mary, she isn’t one of the sisters, I think she’s a side character or a friend of one of the sisters. I can’t remember, I read this book when I was in elementary school.


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