Today’s short discussion is going to be about reading between two books. Right now I’m reading The Iliad and the Odyssey. I have the hardcover and eBook of Samuel Butler’s translation. I bought the eBook so I wouldn’t have to carry the hardcover around, it’s a heavy book. I previously did this with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as well as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. To read between two books, as in not two different books but the same book just in hardcover/paperback and eBook format is actually quite simple. Seeing as how I don’t use audiobooks, which could be a post for another day, I’m not going to include them.

Quite often you will find that page numbers between hardcover/paperback and eBooks don’t match up, but there is something that always matches up and it’s chapters if your book has chapters. This method only works if your book has chapters. In the case of my edition of The Iliad and the Odyssey, it is broken up into books, so this method also works with The Iliad and the Odyssey.

To read between two books, all you have to do is start on a chapter and end on a chapter.

7 thoughts on “#BetweenTwoBooks

    • I’ve never switched between audio and hard copy, as I don’t often listen to audiobooks because they don’t really work well for me. But switching between hardcopy and eBook is really easy.

      • Yeah, I don’t listen to many audiobooks. I can read much faster myself and I can’t multitask with audiobooks. I don’t understand people who listen to them and drive–seems like a car crash waiting to happen, from my perspective!

        • I definitely read faster too. Yesterday was the first time I listened to an audiobook that actually worked well for me. It was only the third audiobook that I had listened to.

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