I thought it would be a good idea to update my followers on how I’m doing with my goals and challenges, and in a way, I feel like doing this holds me accountable.  You can find my 2018 Goals post here, it also includes links to the challenges that I will be doing.

Reading goals:

The number of books I have read: 31 out of 115 and 2 books behind schedule, after this month it won’t take me that long to catch up.  Read here.


Page Trackers: 9,553 out of 30,000
Library Love Challenge: 19 out of 36

Beat the Backlist: 8 out of 30- I added some more books.

Modern Mrs. Darcy: 7 of 12

*All totals are current at the time of posting


19 Replies to “#April18GoalUpdate”

      1. I’ve never read large print. According to both of the reading apps that I use I have 15 hours and 46 minutes left to finish my current read so I’m planning to stay up a few extra hours this week when I can. And no, I’m not listening to an audiobook.

      2. I use ReadTracker and Bookly. ReadTracker is for Androids and Bookly is iOS only. My phone is Android and I use Bookly on my iPod.

    1. Thank you! The Iliad and the Odyssey is putting me behind, but I’ll be fine. According to both reading apps that I use I have 15 hours and 48 minutes of reading time left to finish it.

      1. I’ve never had a problem reading big books. I read Lord of the Rings which is a 1,178-page book for the first time in seventh grade.

      2. Those aren’t that big either. I finished Order of the Pheonix in two days. But my standards of big books and your standards are completely different.

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