If you are new to my blog, Friday Update is a feature in which I provide an update on what I read during the week, sometimes what I’m currently reading and sometimes what book/books I plan on starting over the weekend.

I can say this is a Friday Update because I had it drafted yesterday (Friday), but wasn’t able to post it yesterday hence the post title is what it is.

What I read this week:
Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo– 281 pages, I finished the book
Vincent Can’t Sleep: Van Gogh Paints the Sky by Barb Rosenstock
Girl on Pointe by Chloe Lukasiak
The Complete Hesiod Collection by Hesiod
The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton- 26 Pages

Currently reading: The Belles

Pages read: 699


4 Replies to “#FridayUpdate43onSaturday”

  1. I finally started reading again on the 1st after being in a reading slump for 2+ weeks. I’m currently reading The Shining by Stephen King. I read Wonder Woman last month. It was actually the last book I read before my slump hit.

      1. I haven’t watched the whole movie. I have seen bits and pieces of it when my husband watches it. This will be the first one of his books I have read because I still haven’t finished IT.

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