This past weekend I cataloged my books. To do this I used Libib, it’s an app and a website. I used the app because it allows you to scan the barcodes of your books, there were some books that I had to enter manually, but it was so easy to do because I looked for either the ISBN 10 or ISBN 13 numbers. I also was able to create different libraries for my books, I consider the libraries to be more like categories. The only books I haven’t fully cataloged yet are my eBooks, but I’m in the process of cataloging those. I also cataloged some books using the Library Thing website for a school assignment and I find Libib so much easier.

If anyone is wondering why I’m not disclosing how many books I own it’s because I don’t want “I have this many books,” or “That’s all you have for books.”

7 thoughts on “#ICatalogedMyBooks

  1. I’m curious what categories did you use? I’ve been wanting for a long time to categorize books (by genre, story elements, etc). I already started but I haven’t finished with all the books yet, hehe.

    I remember trying Libib way back but when I checked it today it looks a lot different lol I think I have to familiarize myself with it again.

  2. Great idea! Cataloging my e-books would be pretty awesome. I will have to look in to this. It would be cool to do it with my physical books, but my shelves are in two rooms at the moment and not next to each other, so that could be a future project when we move and I get my own room for my library πŸ˜€

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