Today’s discussion is also the blog challenge for day six of the biannual bibliothon. Today’s challenge is hosted by Gabi from A Bookish Gal and the challenge is to discuss your most memorable/favorite book from 2017.

I read some great books in 2017, but there is one book that stands out from them all, and that book is A List of Cages by Robin Roe, and I’m sure my followers are getting tired of me discussing it. Representation is something that is so important in the book community, EVERYONE deserves to see themselves represented in a book, and represented well. The reason why A List of Cages is such a memorable book for me is that it is the first book I ever saw myself represented well in. I wrote a blog post about why this book is so important to me, and I wrote another blog post discussing the lack of one of the things in the book, I’m not gonna say what it is because if there are people who haven’t read the book yet, I don’t want them to be spoiled. While the two main characters are both males, and I am female, I was still able to connect with them and I found myself being able to relate to them. When you finally find that book that you can see yourself in, it’s really hard to forget that book.

1 thought on “#AMemorableBook

  1. I have not found that book yet. I have always read to try to escape reality and dive in to the make believe. I don’t know that I have ever searched for a character that represents me, but now I am on the hunt to see how it makes me feel. Great post!

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