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Today’s discussion is going to be about a change of scenery. No, I’m not talking about the scenery outside, I’m talking about where you read and do homework. Sometime’s reading or doing homework in the same place all the time gets boring, and for some, it’s easy to get distracted. Recently some of my homework assignments have required me to visit other libraries other than my own. I usually do homework at home, but with some of my recent homework assignments going to other libraries Instead of leaving after I visited, I decided to stay at one of the libraries that I visited and get some reading and homework done. When the weather has and does allow sometimes I’ll also go sit on the patio, read and do homework. The change proved to be very beneficial as I was able to get a lot of work done. There were also fewer distractions at the library that I decided to stay at. Have you ever switched up where you read or do homework?

2 thoughts on “#ChangeOfScenery

  1. I didn’t really switch up my homework spots when I was in school. I always needed quiet time to do homework, so I always did it at home, and I hated the bugs in NC so I never sat outside to do it. When I was going for my bachelor in lab I would do my homework at work, but it was usually during down time at my desk. I always hated homework and just wanted to sit in one place and get it done quickly, lol..

  2. I’m not in school anymore but I always read in the same spot. I can’t read in bed because my back bothers me so I always sit on the couch with my headphones in listening to ocean sounds on YouTube and read.

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