If you couldn’t tell from the title, today’s discussion is going to be about libraries.  I’ve done posts about libraries in the past, which you can check out here and here.  I was actually inspired to write this post after I saw something on Twitter earlier this week that really annoyed me to no end.  Someone tweeted that people don’t go to libraries anymore, and then that same person had the nerve to post another tweet which also annoyed people.  This person’s tweets came across as ignorant and very elitist.  Although, the person did also post another tweet owning his mistake. 

Libraries are vital for the growth of communities, they are more than just books. Am I privileged to buy all the books I want to read? Yes, I am, but does that mean I go out and buy every book I want to read? No, it doesn’t, I would be very elitist if I went out and bought every single book that I wanted to read. Yes, I said it, the people who have access to libraries, but don’t use them and buy every single book that they want to read are in my brutally honest opinion elitist. I have access to three different libraries, and yes I use all three of them quite often. I use the library in my town, the library that I volunteer at once a week, and I have an eCard for the city library.  I’ve borrowed more books than I’ve bought this year. There are so many people that don’t have access to libraries, which provide more than books. People who don’t have internet, they can go to the library and use the internet for whatever they need to use it for, apply for jobs, go to different classes that their library offers.

If you’ve paid attention to the current administration, one of the things in the proposed budget is cutting federal funding for libraries. The ALA released an excellent statement about it.

So please, if you have access to a library use it.

11 thoughts on “#Libraries

  1. I wish there was more funding for libraries. My closest local library is super tiny and has a very limited selection. I also am not able to utilize the library because we only have one car at the moment and my husband works full time. I miss being able to go to the library when we lived in NC and had a better stocked library. I used to feel like Matilda when I was young, going in and coming out with as many books as I was allowed to leave with!

  2. I started going back to my Library last year. I have been lately though. My Library is just a small town Library so I’m not always able to find the books I want to read but it still has a pretty decent selection for me to choose from.

  3. Great post. Last summer I decided to get a library card and it was the best decision I made. I could read the books I wanted to read without breaking my budget and I was also able to join a few book clubs as well.

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