I’m back with another update on how I’m doing with my reading goals/challenges. I will be posting these updates sometime in the middle of every month.
All statistics are current as of today!

Beat the Backlist: I’ve pretty much given up on this challenge
Short stories/novellas: five
Poetry/Plays: three
Diverse books: 21
Audiobooks: 1.  Audiobooks do not work for me at all.
Pages Read: 24,823 out of a goal of 48,000

I have read:
E-books: 39
Hardcover: 30
Paperback: 13
Audiobook: 1

Where have I gotten my books:?
My own books: 46
Library: 30


7 Replies to “#GoalUpdate8”

    1. I surpassed my challenge sometime in August but didn’t update anything until this week. At first Beat the Backlist was awesome but then I think some just stopped caring about it.

      1. I surpassed my challenge either in August or September I can’t really remember right now. As for Beat the Backlist I agree. It’s just to complicated to keep up with every month.

      2. Yeah me either I think it was just to complicated in a sense. I mean it was easy but there was just so much going on with it that people probably just got burnt out on it.

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