Today’s discussion is another one about Bookstagram. I did a post a few months ago about my likes and dislikes of Bookstagram, but today’s post is going to be a lot different.

Bookstagram is not the same when I first started my account. I see the same things every time I log on, nothing but rep searches and promos for other accounts. I didn’t join bookstagram for that shit, I joined bookstagram to see pictures of books. With that being said, I’m thinking of doing two things, unfollowing a lot of people that I follow, even though I consider some of the people blogger friends or deleting my account altogether. I love bookstagram for following authors, but I can’t handle seeing anything but rep searches, promos for other accounts and Etsy shops every single time I go on bookstagram. I want pictures of books, not promos and rep searches.

If anyone has any accounts that you think I would like that only have pictures of books without props and don’t post rep searches and promos, please link them below.

11 thoughts on “#Bookstagram2.0

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  2. I deleted my book Insta for this exact reason. It just felt like one big game of who can get the most followers and likes to me. I only had it for a couple of days but it was already making me unhappy so I just quit. Do you still have your account?

  3. The new algorithm for IG is so awful that I don’t think you would see those accounts unless you unfollowed each one that does rep searches and uses props in their pics. I agree that it seems like there is a lot of rep searches going on. I was entering many myself for a while but got tired of the same people winning because they felt the need to enter every single one. I use flowers in my pictures, but I try to promote books I love and street team books and Indie Author books. My stuff isn’t really seen as much any more though because of the algorithm.

    • I don’t mind some props, but there’s times when it gets to be overkill. There’s times when some props end up just being product placement and promotion. I’m not big on bookish merch so I never bothered/bother with rep searches.

      • Yeah, I think the book still needs to stay the focus of the picture instead of the props. I like some of the candles and the book sleeves, and I wanted to be a rep to help promote small companies, but I got tired of entering them and figured I could occasionally promote items from companies I buy from and love, but I try to keep books my main focus in the pictures.

  4. This is exactly why I rarely go on Bookstagram anymore. Once Instagram changed their algorithm, I stopped seeing the “smaller” Bookstagram posts, and only saw the ones with the huge followings and the ones basically posting ads for the props. I’ll still pop on every so often, but I’ve completely lost my joy in posting pictures there, so rarely post anything. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through everyone I was following and stop following people, as many of the pictures are quite lovely, I just don’t like feeling like all I’m doing is looking at ads. So I’m still debating on it, but I found that the best thing for me, right now, is to just not go on it all that often.

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