Today’s discussion is about something that some may or may have not noticed is missing from my blog posts and with good reason. I decided to get rid of the “like” button from all of my blog posts. I did this recently after I figured out how to remove it from my blog.

You may be wondering why I did this. Well, the thing is, there have been times where the second I publish a post it already has one “like,” and that tells me that the person didn’t even bother reading my post, yes I can honestly tell when this happens, and it is always the same people who I have no idea if they actually follow my blog or not! I don’t blog for “likes,” I blog for comments. I also got rid of the “like” button to see how many people are viewing my actual posts. I also got rid of it because I want to encourage more comments and actually get people to start and engage in conversations on my posts. I don’t know how long the “like” button will be missing from my blog, I just might make it a permanent thing and keep it off my blog for good.

I want to know your thoughts!

37 thoughts on “#NoLikeButton

  1. I have increasingly become this person over the past couple months, though I am trying to increase the amount I post and the amount I comment on other people’s posts. I personally don’t mind if people like and don’t comment on my blog, though I can understand why others are annoyed by it. Good on you for removing your like button though!

  2. Totally understand you’re reasoning for getting rid of the “like” button. I have to admit though I am one person who uses it a fair bit. Sometimes I just don’t feel like I have anything to add – or my anxiety is really bad – and figure it’s a nice gesture to still try and support the post. I definitely agree that some people use it too much though and don’t bother even reading the post (I always try to do that at least) and of course receiving comments is always better!

  3. I wanted to share some things with you in lieu of this awesome discussion. I have been commenting A LOT more. For several days in a row I commented on every single subscription. Now I am finding that WordPress thinks I am spam commenting, and most of my comments today are not showing up after I post them, but when I go to post again it says I have already posted, which tells me its going to that person’s spam folder. Just something interesting I thought I would add to see if you have noticed this?

      • Odd. It just seemed like an odd coincidence that I was commenting a lot and then suddenly today I have had several people tell me my comments went in to their spam folder. I am glad you are not having the issue! I am happy to report that the couple days after all my commenting, my stats went up significantly, so I hope that is something you see as well! 🙂

  4. I never got around to adding a like button on my site, but once in awhile I’ll use the like button in someone’s else’s post when I feel there is not more I can contribute, but I’ve read and enjoyed it. It’s nice though to have more a convo over the post and be able to connect with more bloggers/community that way. That’s why I rarely use the like button without a comment.

  5. I’m very interested to hear the results of your experiment. Comments are wonderful but many times after reading a post I have nothing to add… In these cases I hit the like button to let the blogger know that I appreciated their post.
    How else would they know I’ve visited their blog?

  6. This is actually a great idea!!

    Blogs should be a community for sharing and interacting. Likes are a great way to do that, but if that leads people to skip over the post altogether, it might be best to just take it out. It’s kind of like scrolling down on Instagram and just liking all the photos without even looking at its content.

  7. Interesting idea! I totally get why you removed the like button. I will only “like” a post if I’ve taken the time to read it – I used to have time to read everyone’s posts, but unfortunately I don’t have that time anymore. I use the like button to indicate that I’ve read the post, and I appreciate it, but I don’t have anything to add to the conversation. I’ll be interested to see if you add it back at some point and if you get more comments now that the like button is gone.

  8. My blog has never had a like button (it’s just not allowed by any of the themes I’ve used xD), and I actually just wanted to put one on it… but the thing is, despite there not being a like button, people still like it through the reader, when they’re reading through there. I don’t mind in particular… even if they didn’t read. I just don’t feel compelled to visit back necessarily.

  9. You will certainly have to post updates on your findings with this. I understand where you are coming from, as we have discussed it before. I do like the like button though, because I feel like if I have nothing of value to add to the discussion that like button allows me to still show some support. But I am one of those rare ones that does actually read the post even if I only hit the like button and don’t comment.

    I had seen a post recently about someone talking about her sick husband and people had actually hit the like button. In that instance, I don’t think hitting the like button was very respectful, so I left her a comment letting her know I was thinking about her and her husband.

    I have been commenting a lot more since our last chat and I see the value of comments. I thank you for that! I too would love more comments and opportunities to have meaningful discussions, but I also see why someone would rather just hit the button and not comment.

    I look forward to seeing more discussion on this topic! ❤

  10. I automatically like *shrugs* I don’t comment 45% of the time because I don’t have anything to say and only if WordPress allowed inline commenting. But I know you’re posting this again 🙂

  11. I like every single post I read everyday. Sometimes I will open someone’s post and immediately like it and then continue on reading. I do this one because once I have liked a post I know I have read it and two because even if it’s a post that doesn’t particularly have anything to do with me or what I am interested in I still feel that it deserves a like because the blogger has put in time to get that post out. As for comments I don’t always comment because sometimes I don’t feel like I have anything of substance to add. I don’t want to just say hey I love your post today or whatever because I jut feel like that is annoying to bloggers. Maybe that’s just me but that’s how I go about things. I completely understand why you have made the decision to get rid of the like button though.

  12. I completely understand why you did it. I think there’s nothing better than getting a comment. One you know that there is an actual non robot out there talking to you and two you can really grow as a writer. I get that some people just don’t have time to write a comment but it does feel like people just can’t be bothered.
    But there is the problem that the more likes a post has then it’s more likely to get attention from people who don’t typically follow the blog. Whilst comments could just be between one person.
    It’s a strange thing to think about really but I applaud you for doing this!

  13. Eh, I see a lot of likes and I know there’s no way they read the post. I guess it’s their way of saying “hi” when they don’t have time or anything to say. 🤷‍♀️
    But I get your point. I’m guilty of it myself – I’ll skim a post and have nothing of value to contribute so I will like it. I am eager to see how your experiment pans out!

  14. I understand why you would remove your like button! I don’t really understand why people like a post they haven’t read! The reason I enjoy having the like button is that sometimes I read a post but don’t have time to comment or don’t feel like I have anything to add to the discussion but I want the person to know I read and enjoyed their post! I really wish that is how everyone used it!

  15. I totally understand why you did that! It definitely will encourage more comments (well hopefully) I get those ‘instant likes’ on my post from people who most probably haven’t read my posts and never comment. I think it’s great that you want to see who’s actually viewing and reading your blog. Comments are great!
    On the other hand, some posts I really, really like and I have nothing to contribute in the comment section. I don’t want to leave a comment like ‘great post’ because I know bloggers (Well me) can get tired of them or have to reply something like ‘thanks’ a thousand times. So to save them the trouble, I usually hit the like button, to tell them I adored their post even though I’m a silent reader.
    Another reason why I find the LIKE button useful is that every day (nearly) I check my WP feed and blog hop to all the blogs I follow. Because that can open up a lot of tabs and get messy, I usually comment on a post on a separate tab and go back and like it in my reader to know I’ve commented on that post! It’s really helpful for me.
    After all that, I agree with your decision to remove the LIKE button. I just really well..like the button because it’s quick and easy if I don’t have something to comment or i’m busy that day and don’t have enough time to leave my thoughts. Great discussion!

    • Thank you. It’s possible that I might bring it back in the future. And yeah the multiple tabs do get really messy, it’s difficult to keep up with sometimes. I may bring the like button back in the future, I’m going to see how my blog does without it.

  16. I’ve noticed a lot of people have removed their like button, I just figured it was some weird glitch on WordPress and not an intentional thing haha. I totally get where you’re coming from! There are definitely people who like my posts without reading them, which doesn’t bother me all that much, but I would definitely take a comment over a like any day. The only thing that keeps me engaged with this blog is all the lovely comments I get!

    • Yeah, WordPress can get those weird glitches sometimes. I love giving comments and getting them. I think comments are the best way to engage in conversations and discussions.

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