I’m back with another update on how I’m doing with my reading goals/challenges. I will be posting these updates sometime in the middle of every month.
All statistics are current as of today!

All statistics are current as of today!

Goodreads: 66/75 and 26 books ahead of schedule
Beat the Backlist: 21 books
Short stories/novellas: four
Poetry/Plays: three
Diverse books: 18
Audiobooks: 1.  Audiobooks do not work for me at all.
Pages Read: 20,514 out of a goal of 48,000

I have read:
E-books: 32
Hardcover: 27
Paperback: 6
Audiobook: 1

Where have I gotten my books:?
Library: 22
My own books: 38


21 Replies to “#2017GoalsUpdate7”

      1. Give at least one a try and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. You don’t know until you try. Just because they don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

      2. That may be a great start for me actually. I have not read the books and was considering hitting the series and doing a blog special since pretty much every reader I know has read them.

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