Before I get started on today’s discussion, I have not taken a break from blogging, nor do I need one. If I need to take a break, I will announce it. I have things going on that I will not discuss that are more of a priority. I need to find a balance between the new priority and my blog, which is why Story Time is on hiatus. With that being said, today’s discussion is about children’s literature.

It is no secret that I love re-reading books and think that it is important to do so. While children’s literature is written for children, I think that it is important to read children’s literature as adults. A lot of times there are many lessons that can be learned from children’s literature that when reading those books as a child those lessons may not be picked up upon or understood. Therefore re-reading these books as adults those lessons can be easier to pick up upon and understand. Plus, I always love revisiting my childhood favorites for nostalgia reasons, there’s something comforting about re-reading a childhood favorite.

Do you re-read your childhood favorites? Why or why not?

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