In April I hosted a QandA to celebrate my blog’s sixth birthday, here are the answers to the questions that I received.

Payton from Payton’s Book Thoughts and Misty from MistysBookSpace asked:
What’s the most valuable thing you have learned from blogging for 6 years?
The most valuable/important thing that I have learned in my six years of blogging is to only follow blogs that I want to read every day.

Rae from Bookmark Chronicles asked:
You’re a Sox fan yes? Are you into any other sports?
Baseball is my number one favorite sport to watch. The other sports that I watch outside of baseball are women’s artistic gymnastics (I did gymnastics for eight years), basketball (the Celtics are my favorite team), American Football (I love the Patriots, but as a whole business/industry I hate the NFL), and I’ll occasionally watch hockey. I watch NCAA football and basketball too!
What are you reading right now (or what did you most recently finish)? How is (was) it?
I most recently read The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks by Sam Maggs. It was okay, there were some things that I found useful and then other things that I couldn’t relate to at all and didn’t apply to me. My next read is going to be Wonder by R.J. Palacio.
What was the last movie that you saw?
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Are you currently watching (or binge watching) any TV shows?
I don’t really binge watch a lot of shows. I love Pretty Little Liars, and a few shows on the CW. My new favorite show is Still Star-Crossed. I DVR a lot of shows because a lot of the time they’re on at the same time as baseball, so I’ll usually catch up on DVR stuff when don’t feel like reading.

Jess from Beaucoupbooks asked:
Any blogging advice to newbies?
The biggest piece of advice I have for newbies is DO NOT comment “follow for follow,” and don’t have the expectation that just because you followed someone’s blog that they are going to follow you back. Another piece of advice I have is to actually comment on posts with something meaningful and don’t just “like” the posts.  For me, the whole point of blogging is to comment and interact.  Also, you don’t have to buy every single book that you want to read.  If you have access to a library/libraries I highly suggest borrowing your books instead of buying them.
What are your favorite movies?
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast
Do you have any bookish pet peeves?
Dog-eared pages, I think it’s lazy, writing in books, and paperback books that aren’t floppy.

Lauren from Wonderless Reviews asked:
What’s been the most challenging thing about blogging?
The most challenging thing about blogging has probably been actually growing my blog.
Is there a genre you don’t read often, but would like to try more?
There are a few genres that I don’t read often and I have no interest or desire to read them, but I am starting to read more mystery/thriller. I have read two books by Dan Brown and I really enjoyed them.

Lauren from Wonderless Reviews and Rae from Bookmark Chronicles asked:
Currently, what are some of your favorite songs and who are some of your favorite artists?
I really don’t have any current favorite songs, a boring answer I know. I get bored with music very easily so I’m always switching which playlists I listen to on my iPod.  I actually create artist playlists.
As for favorite artists:
I really love Sammy Adams, he’s from Boston and I just love the vibe of his music. I pretty much listen to his music all the time. I, of course, listen to Beyonce, GaGa, Bieber, and some other mainstream artists. I don’t listen to the radio, so I’m just always browsing the Genres in iTunes.


Megan from Bookslayer Reads asked:
What started your love for reading?
Quite a few times I have seen this question, and quite a few times I have seen that for some people that it was one book that started their love for reading, but with me, that isn’t the case. I always had books growing up, so I’ve always been a reader, it wasn’t just one book that started my love for reading.

If I could be any fictional character who would I be and why?
This one is tough because I actually have two fictional characters that I can see myself being and with good reason too. I would definitely be Belle, she’s from a small town, a bookworm, and reserved. Every time I take an Oh My Disney Character Quiz my result is always Belle without fail. I can also see myself being Hermione, as she is very book smart.

Please do check out the blogs of bloggers who asked me some amazing questions!

22 thoughts on “#Answers2QandA

  1. I can’t believe people would actually comment “follow for follow”! That seems like such an icky way to grow your blog. I only want people who are interested in what I have to say to follow my blog and who want to engage in bookish conversation. So true that growing a blog audience is SUPER hard, especially when there are so many great book blogs out there!!

    • I’ve gotten a few comments like that, and I refuse to follow them. I’m extremely picky about the blogs that I follow. I only follow blogs that I want to read all the time.

  2. Loved reading this, Ashley 😀 I definitely understand how challenging it can be to have your blog grow. When I first started out I was super overwhelmed.
    Really happy to hear that you’re starting to enjoy Thrillers/Mysteries more. It’s one of my favourite genres!!
    I love creating playlists 😀

    • I know it’s one of your favorites! I don’t like have a disorganized iTunes library so making playlists comes in handy. Even after six years of blogging I still get overwhelmed sometimes.

  3. Awesome post! Bleh Patriots (just kidding just kidding!) I’m so ready for Pretty Little Liars to be over. Just tell me who AD is already. I have so many issues with some of the things that have happened, I need it to end!!!!

  4. Thank you for answering my question!! I agree with you about the dog eared pages. When I was a kid I did that but I can’t do it any more. It’s like why would you even want to?

  5. Completely agree with your blogging advice. I feel slightly guilty for not following blogs back but I follow way too many already, so I’m super picky about who I follow now. Happy blog birthday!

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