Today’s discussion is about pet peeves, my bookish pet peeves, and my blogging pet peeves. We all have them, so I thought it would be interesting if I discussed mine. I’m going to start off with my blogging pet peeves because those outweigh my bookish pet peeves.

Yes, I have blogging pet peeves, they might seem ridiculous to some but they are things that bother me.

Pet peeve #1 People following my blog and not interacting with my posts. What’s the point of following my blog if you’re not going to comment on any of my posts? To me, the whole point of blogging is to comment on each other’s posts and interact with each other. I make time to read and comment on blog posts.

Pet peeve #2: The second I publish a post it already has a like, did you even read the post?

Pet peeve #3: The expectation that if you follow my blog, I’m going to follow your blog back. No, I am not going to follow your blog just because you followed me. I am extremely particular about the blogs that I follow.

Pet Peeve #4: Multiple posts per day. I did this one or twice and then figured out a way to avoid multiple posts per day.

Bookish Pet Peeves, I feel like these are more common in the community.

Bookish Pet peeve #1: Dog-eared pages, I think it’s so lazy when people do this. I cringe when I see library books with dog-eared pages. Bookmarks exist for a reason.

Pet peeve #2: Writing in books. The only time I have ever written in a book was to underline things in textbooks, and if I needed to highlight something I would photocopy the pages. I’ve never written in any of my novels and never will.

These are just my opinions and pet peeves. Do you have any blogging/bookish pet peeves?

26 thoughts on “#PetPeeves

  1. Hahaha! I totally feel you on these petpeeves. I have way more followers than I do likes/comments. I’m just curious. Like… you found something on my blog you enjoyed, but I never see you again? o.O That’s a smidge strange, especially since I offer people something to interact with every week. But okay. Whatever. Maybe life got busy??

    Oh! Hun, people do NOT read posts. I found that one out on accident. I posted a tag one time (as I schedule all my posts), but never went back to fill it out. so it was an empty post that got a couple dozen likes. Yup. That pretty much opened my eyes to that situation. So, I don’t focus on likes anymore. I focus on comments and engagement. That’s the real worth of a blog, in my opinion. (Oh! And fun. Blogging should be fun. 🙂 )

  2. I agree with so many of these pet peeves!
    I hate writing in books and dog-earing them, I always feel guilty when I find a dog ear in my books!
    I also think that the purpose of a blog is to share what you think and interact with others, but I have to say that I don’t usually comment since I’m a little bit shy and insecure about my english (since it’s not my mother language).

  3. I cannot stand bent pages, raggedly cracked spines (I try not to crease them as much as possible – I know it’s not completely unavoidable).
    I can’t lie – I once benefited from someone having written notes in a copy of a book I was studying at school, but I would never write in one myself! I always make separate notes if I need to!!

      • Yeah this was a novel we were studying for English literature – they had actually written in the copy of the book at least it was only pencil I suppose but I’d rather it not done!! 😣

  4. I’ve had a number of people stop following me because I didn’t follow them back. It was kind of annoying at first, but then I realized they weren’t really a fan, and that’s okay. I want the people who follow me because they enjoy what I do and want to interact with me. Writing in novels is blasphemy!! And…why dog ear a book when there are so many beautiful bookmarks out there?!

  5. I hate dog eared pages they drive me insane, I literally use anything from receipt to little slips of paper anything to not dog ear pages. I don’t like writing in books either I’ve tried it to see what people like about it and I felt like I was defacing a book and disrespecting it in some way

  6. I definitely don’t understand people who never blog hop ect. I suppose some people might feel a bit shy about commenting (I did for ages!) but people who are active on their own blog who never take time to comment on other posts or reply to their own comments really confuse me.

    Sometimes I like posts when I don’t have time to read or if it’s something I feel like I wouldn’t have a comment of value to add. It’s kinda my way of showing support. I get that it can be annoying if people do it continuously though and never comment!

    Dogeared pages don’t worry me, but I would NEVER do it to a library book or someone else’s book. That’s super disrespectful.

    Great post, Ashley 😊

    • Thank you! And that makes sense about the like/comment thing. And it does get annoying when people continuously like every post and never comment.

  7. Love this! My pet peeve series on my blog is about 4 posts so far haha I have so many. I definitely agree with 1 and 3. A lot of people particularly like my This or That posts but don’t comment. and they’re always book bloggers!
    I also hate when someone comments on my blog just to promote theirs. No I’m definitely not going to follow you now. Not sorry

    • The promotion comments are the worst. Promotion comments shouldn’t even exist anymore, there are so many posts that even state comments like that are a big no no.

  8. Came across your post and have to say I’m guilty of following a blog and not always liking and commenting on all posts! More because I’m busy and cant always read every single blog post people write. But I completely agree with your pet peeves especially the one about getting ‘likes’ only seconds after publishing a post. It’s very annoying if you’ve written up a long post too. It’s not just dog eared pages. I’ve seen books at my library that have cracked spines so people could hold the books in one hand with both covers touching and they just look horrible.

  9. I used to dog ear my books but I no longer do that. I can’t believe I ever did that. Everyday I spend a couple hours going through everyone’s blog posts so I like them all that way I know I have read them. Sometimes I hit the like button before I have ever finished reading the post.

  10. I honestly don’t mind people not commeting on my posts, it’s nice yes but it isn’t why I started up my blog in the first place. I wanted it to infom poeple the books that I love and don’t love.

  11. Do people actually dog-ear library books?? I also personally don’t like writing in books, just in case I give/sell the book to someone else

  12. YES, OH MY GOD. I agree with 90% of this! The only one I personally don’t mind is multiple posts per day. I try to keep mine at just one per day, but sometimes throw in a second if one post wasn’t very strong. I have a few bloggers that I love reading no matter how often they post 🙂

    But this….”To me, the whole point of blogging is to comment on each other’s posts and interact with each other.” PREACH!

  13. I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes I like something as I’m still reading it, so it often shows up right away.
    The multiple posts per day… I sorta understand that one, but sometimes the blog has different purposes and is better with a separated post. I have a few different sections on mine, so some days, I do have a couple of posts. I’m also updating older book reviews and interfacing from Goodreads, so until that’s finished next week, I have a lot!
    But what you’ve said all makes sense to me!

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