Today’s short and somewhat ranty discussion is about QandAs and something that I have noticed with them.  I currently have a QandA going on right now and it inspired this post. There is no giveaway attached to my QandA maybe that’s the problem.  I have noticed that QandAs garner more attention when there is some incentive attached to it like a giveaway or some other type of incentive for other bloggers.  Like not every blogger has the means to give shit away, or have other incentives for bloggers.  Like QandAs are wicked good for getting to know other bloggers, but the only way they work is if people actually ask questions, which I’ve noticed that a lot of people only do this if there are incentives.  Like what’s the point in even doing a QandA if people aren’t going to ask questions?  What do you think about QandAs?

4 thoughts on “#QandAs

  1. I feel like giveaways are definitely an initiative when it comes to anything, which is kinda sad. I know a lot of the time with Q&A’s though it can be because people have no idea what to ask, haha. It’s something I struggle with a lot 🙈 I think some people are worried their questions will be too boring or something that’s asked too much.

  2. I completely agree! I had a Q&A once and hardly anyone really commented but if there’s a giveaway attached people are all over it. But I missed your Q&A, is it too late to ask questions!?!

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